Learning Institutions - Peppi Connector

With the Peppi Connector you can automatically display room reservation information of buildings.

NOTE! The use of HTML elements created with the Peppi Connector is only allowed in the iDiD digital signage system.

In order to use the Peppi Connector, your organization must have a separate agreement for the use of the API with the Peppi consortium.

Implementation and Registration

The use of the Peppi Connector requires registration. To register the Peppi Connector, contact our support at tuki@idid.fi. We need the following information from Peppi for the registration:

  • API-address and
  • API-key

When the Peppi Connector is registered for use, you can select the buildings, rooms and layout that are displayed on the signage display.

Using the Peppi Connector

Start using the connector at https://peppi.idid.fi/

Log in with the Client ID we have provided. Fill in the ID in the field and press the login-button (Kirjaudu).

Layout: Choose the way you want to display Peppi schedules from the drop-down menu.

  • Single Calendar: As the name suggests, displays only one calendar from the selected single room.
  • Tiles: Each calendar's data is presented as square tiles that fit the size of the element and scale automatically.
  • Lists: The list displays the calendar of each room as its own list. The length of the list changes depending on the number of events.
  • Combined List: Displays events for all selected rooms as a single list.

Building: First select the building for which you want to display room data. If the buildings are not separated, you can directly select a room.

Rooms: Select from the list according to the layout either one or more rooms whose booking information you want to display.

NB! If Single Calendar (yksi kalenteri) is selected as the display method, you can only select one room view to be displayed at a time. However, you can create several room views for the same content slide in the iDiD Manager.

View: Choose how events are displayed. The view options are layout-specific and not all views can be selected for every layout.

  • Daily List (Päivälista): Shows the day's events with times as separate list items.
  • Daily View (Päivänäkymä): Shows the events of the day as a condensed list and the week number. 
  • Daily Agenda (Päiväagenda) : Displays a full-day calendar page with events marked at the correct times.
  • Weekly List (Viikkolista): Shows the events of the week with their times as separate list items.
  • Weekly View (Viikkonäkymä): Shows the events of the week as a condensed list and the week number.
  • Weekly Agenda (Viikkoagenda): Displays a full-day calendar page with events labelled at the correct times.
  • Month (Kuukausi): Displays a calendar page for the entire month with events and times.
  • End of day (Loppupäivä): Shows only events coming up during the rest of the day.
  • End of week (Loppuviikko): Shows only events coming up during the rest of the week.

Font: Select the font size for calendar items from XXXS-XXL or leave it as Default. The default size corresponds to the size M.

Font color: If the calendar view is set to agenda, you can also choose the font color. If you do not select a font color, the calendar will use a dark default color.

When you select the daily agenda or the weekly agenda as the view, you can choose the time period from which the events are displayed. Choose:

  • Start: The time at which the calendar view starts. If your organization's activities start at 8 a.m. every day, you can set the start time to 8:00 a.m., so that the calendar does not unnecessarily show time spans without events.
  • End: In the same way as start, the end time defines the time at which the calendar view ends.
  • Clock: By default, the calendar displays the entire day. By changing the setting in the Clock menu, you can change the start time of the calendar display in the event that the displayed day does not fit the display in its entirety. In addition to the default, you can choose current, where the start time is the current time, or your preferred time, where the start time is the time of your choice.

Weekend: Normally, the calendar only shows weekdays. Select Weekend (viikonloppu) to also show Saturday and Sunday on the calendar.

Show room (näytä tila) : This option is especially suitable for situations where the calendar is used for booking different rooms, such as conference rooms. If Show room is enabled, the background of the calendar is displayed with an attention color in green or red, depending on whether there is an entry in the calendar at that moment.

Show events (näytä tapahtumat): By default, all calendar entries are shown using the Peppi Connector. Select Only beginning with '-' from the drop-down menu, which allows you to display all events in the same calendar, but only show on the display those beginning with -, for example - Breakfast meeting.

Theme (teema): Theme is the appearance of the calendar, which defines the calendar background and the background color of events in different modes. Select the desired theme from the drop-down menu.

To preview the calendar in a new tab, press Open Calendar (Avaa kalenteri).

Adding Peppi Feed to iDiD Content

Implement the calendar with an HTML element

  1. Create or edit an HTML element in the content where you want to display the calendar.
  2. Copy the URL of the calendar you created from the bottom of the settings window or from the address field of the preview tab.
  3. Paste the address into the address field of the HTML element.
  4. Save the content.