NYSSE Schedules

From the public transport pages in the Tampere region, you can retrieve a stop-specific view for your signage screen as the address of the HTML element

The data is maintained by the public transport in the Tampere region. If the HTML content is not visible, check the stop for any changes at https://www.nysse.fi

Quick guide: If you have an old TKL html element, you can check the stop number from the element's address and replace the stop number with the new link format:

https://tremonitori.digitransit.fi/stop/tampere: 0552

Retrieving Stop Specific View

  1. Go to https://tremonitori.digitransit.fi/

  2. Select the orientation of the display and presentation languages. You can also edit the header of the stop view if you so wish.
  3. Add your desired stop(s).
  4. NB! You can define stop specific data more precisely. You can show departures by time or hide certain bus routes.

  5. When the desired stop information is ready, you can still preview the stop view. You can open a finished view from the Create view button. Copy the address of the finished view.
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Adding Schedule to Content

  1. Add an HTML element to the content and modify its size and position according to your preference.
  2. Copy and paste the URL of the stop view you copied into the address field of the HTML element.
  3. Remember to save the content. Ready!