Moving Content to Another Level

In the iDiD digital signage management system, displays and display groups have a hierarchy according to which content is being displayed.

Higher-level content is also inherited from levels to which you may not be entitled, so at the site-specific level, you see content scheduled for the entire organization. Content inherited from higher levels is marked with the level name. By changing the level of content to lower parts of the hierarchy, you can publish material to select screens or even to a single screen.

Inherited higher level content

You can view content at different levels by navigating through the level menu at the top of the screen. To switch between levels, select the level you want or search directly for the level name.


Move finished content from one level to another

To move content, first make sure you're at the level where it was created. The material inherited from the higher levels is marked with the name of the creation level on a blue background. To edit inherited material, you must move to the level on to which the material was originally added. Use the level menu above to do this.

  • Please note that material may also be inherited from levels to which you do not have access. In this case, contact your organization's iDiD administrators or iDiD Support.

Move Content to a Different Level

  1. The level of content is determined by its settings. There are two ways to edit your presentation settings.
    • Press once for the scheduling settings below the content.yleiskatsaus-sisällön-valinta-ajastukset

    • To activate the content, press it once and then tap Settings in the menu that appears.yleiskatsaus-sisällön-valinta

You can access content presentation settings that are identical to the ones you choose when crating a new content slide.

  1. At the top of the settings is a level. Press the field to open the level menu and go to the level where you want to place the content in the menu.
  2. In the level menu, click the level to which you want to move the content. Then press the area outside the level menu to close the level menu.
    • In the level menu field, you will see the name of the content level to which the content has been transferred.
  3. Finally, click Save at the bottom to save your changes.