Levels and hierarchical inheritance

Displays and display groups have a hierarchy which determines how the content is displayed.

Content level hierarchy

In iDiD Management, the screens and groups of screens are organized in a hierarchy that controls how and where the content is displayed. Content higher in the hierarchy is inherited down to the lower branches in it even from levels you do not have access to. For example, in a specific location of your organization you will see the content that is scheduled for the whole organization. Content inherited from higher up is marked with the name of the level. By creating content lower down in the hierarchy, you can control where the content is shown, whether it is a group of screens or a single screen.


Navigate between levels by using the level menu on the top left. You can also search for a level using its name.


When you create a template, content or upload a file on the server, it is always added on the level you are at the moment of creating or uploading. You can change the level later using the settings. Material added on higher levels is automatically available to the lower levels and content scheduled on higher levels is also displayed on all levels below it.

Material that is inherited from a higher level is marked with the name of the level. To edit inherited materials, you must navigate to the level the material is on. Material can also be inherited from a level that you cannot access. Higher level content is indicated by a blue bar below the content slide preview.

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Content inherited from a higher level