Flag Flying Days

The HTML element shows the official and established flag flying days mentioned in the Finnish flag regulation.

NOTE! The use of this HTML element is only allowed in the iDiD signage display system.

Basic Address for Flag Flying Days


Additional Modifiers

You can also modify the properties of the text using various parameters. Editable parameters are language (lang), color (color) and font (font). Add them after the basic address, separating them from the rest of the URL with a question mark (?).


Change the color of the numbers using the color parameter. Specify the color in HEX code without hash marks (#). For example, the HEX code for the color black is #000000. The HEX codes of different colors can be found here, for instance (htmlcolorcodes.com is an external site, the link opens in a new tab).


Use the font parameter to change the font. You can use all fonts that are available in the iDiD manager. Enter the name of the font as it appears in the font menu of the manager.

Font Size

Setting the font size is done with the fontSize parameter. CSS parameters can be used to define the font size. Parameters are e.g. px, vw and vh

Font Weight

Setting the font weight is done with the fontWeight parameter. CSS parameters can be used to define font weight. The number of parameters affecting the appearance depends on the number of typefaces of the font used. The most common parameters are e.g. 400, 600 and 900.

Alignment of Text

Setting the font alignment is done with the textAlign parameter. CSS parameters can be used to define font alignment.

Flag days in Åland

The parameter ax=true shows the flag days for Åland.

Flag days Sámi

The parameter saami=true shows the Sámi flag days.


Displaying the date is done with the showDate=true parameter.

Date parameter

The date parameter is only intended for testing and examples.

The date parameter can be used to change the element's date. The date is defined in iso8061 format. Eg date=2022-12-06.


Please note that you can subscribe to pre-formatted and scheduled flag day content as channel content for your displays.