Editing an Image Element

As the name implies, an image element contains an image file. You may change the image, edit it or add new images in the iDiD Manager.

This guide applies to the Slide editor user role and higher user roles.

For example, to add or remove an element, or to change the location of an element, your user role must be Slide artist, Slide publisher, Template editor or Maintainer.

The size and location of the image element is predefined in the template you are using. The new image scales to the element.

  1. To select an image element, click the image in the content editor or its name in the element menu.vaihda-kuva_päivittäjä
  2. Select the desired image from the image library. If the server does not already have the image you want, upload it to the media library under "Upload". If the image you select is a different size or aspect ratio than the image element, it will automatically be fitted to the element.Näyttökuva 2022-02-08 151710
  3. The contents of the image element have now been changed. Complete the contents of the other elements and save.vaihda-kuva-vaihdettukuva_päivittäjä

Image Size

You can edit the layout in the Image Size menu. Depending on the content template, the image layout is Contain (the image is not cropped but scaled inside the element as a whole) or Cover (the image is cropped inside the element so that part of the image is cropped if necessary), for example:

Image size Contain

Image size Cover, position Left

Image size Contain, position Center

Image size Cover, position Right

Image Element naming and format

You can rename the image under Name. The image name works to make it easier to tell elements apart and only appears in the content editor.

Change the image format under Image Format. The most used image format is JPEG. For example, select PNG when adding logos or other images with transparent elements to your content. Otherwise, the image may appear blurred or pixelated in the content.


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Remember to save your changes at the end.