Creating and Editing a Template

Using templates makes it easier and faster to create new content. Templates also keep your organization's content graphically consistent.

This guide applies to user roles that are higher than the Slide editor.

The Slide editor has the most limited privileges. You must be a Template editor or Maintainer to create new templates.

Displayed content is based on templates that define the elements used in the content, as well as their location and size in the content.

You can create a new template from scratch or save an existing content slide as a template.

Creating a New Template

Navigate to the Templates view from the view menu.

  1. Click the Create Template button to start creating a new template. Select the appropriate button depending on whether you are creating the template for a portrait or landscape oriented display.

You can name the template in the "Template Name" field.

The new template contains no elements at all, so you can add as many different elements as you want and customize their properties.

  1. Create and edit the elements you want. 
  2. Remember to save the template at the end.

Saving an Existing Content Slide as a Template 

You can also make templates from existing content slides. First, go to the Content View.

  1. Click once to activate the content.
  2. In the menu that appears at the top of the screen, click Save as template.
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The content slide is saved as a template with the same name, and appears in the template view at the same level without a schedule. You can now move and edit the template normally.

Editing a Template

Changes to templates are not automatically inherited by content slides that use the template in question, so that displayed content is not disturbed as a result of any changes.

This means you can make changes to a template that is already in use in a content slide. Changes you make to the template will not be updated in the content. If you want to create content that uses the new custom template, you'll need to do it separately.

Note that you can keep the original template by cloning the original template and editing the clone you created.

If, on the other hand, you want to replace a certain image element, such as a redesigned logo, in existing templates and content, you can do so using the Replace File function.