Clocks and Counters – Christmas Counter

With this retro counter you can show how much time is left until the start of December 25th (at 00:00)

NOTE! The use of this HTML element is only allowed in the iDiD Manager.

Counter URL 

The counter is responsive, meaning its size changes with the HTML element and can be used at any width. This counter cannot be changed with formatting parameters for the time being.

If you want to calculate the time until Christmas Eve (24.12.), use the following address (if necessary, change the correct year in the address):

Adding Counter to Content

  1. Add the HTML element to the content and modify its size and position according to your preference.
  2. Copy and paste the counter URL into the address field of the HTML element.
  3. Remember to save the content.

Please note that on our support site you will also find a counter where you can enter the desired date and time yourself. The event counter is used for this purpose.